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Reduced chain thickness by approximately 15%* approximately 15%* thinner and flatter *This value may vary by chain size, color. Printed in 〇〇〇 Sep.2019 〇〇 N YKK'S LOW-PROFILE WOVEN-IN TOUGH ZIPPER : MORE ABRASION RESISTANCE THAN OUR STANDARD RACQUET COIL ZIPPER! WOVEN-IN TOUGH ZIPPER (Item Code:EYL) WOVEN-IN TOUGH ZIPPER (Item Code:EYL) High Performance Abrasion Resistance High Performance Abrasion Resistance YKK WOVEN-IN TOUGH ZIPPER is precision engineered to pass tough abrasion resistance tests. Higher abrasion resistance compared to our standard racquet coil zipper. *YKK Test Result Flat Appearance & Low Profile Flat Appearance & Low Profile Slider Repair Option Slider Repair Option New innovative slider system allows zipper pull tab replacement. Innovative snap-in part for quick and easy slider repair ! ・Please test zipper performance in actual applications prior to placing orders. ・Available in chain and slider only (not assembled zippers). ・Dye to Match(DTM), reverse use and enamel slider finishes are not available. ・YKK takes no responsibility for the change in quality and performance of its products caused by parts manufactured by a third party other than YKK or processes carried out by parties other than YKK. Please note: STANDARD RACQUET COIL ZIPPER (Item Code:RC) STANDARD RACQUET COIL ZIPPER (Item Code:RC)

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